RICAP celebrated its 30 years of work on last 20th June 2014 with the company's employees.

A cruise in the Douro was the way chosen by the Administration to mark the year when RICAP completes three decades of existence. With the presence of its employees, the party was made aboard the boat "Tomaz do Douro" wich left the pier of Oporto city at around 9am towards the city of Régua, where he arrived around 5:30pm.

During the trip, always extremely lively, the Administration of RICAP took to honor employees with over 20 years working for the company and was also surprised by the workers who had prepared a surprise "song of appreciation" for the work performed by the Administrator and his family with word of thanks and also for the opportunity to experience such a sepcial day for everyone.

At Régua everyone could enjoy a another social moment where, in addition to a shared snack in a picnic,  it was possible to dance and sing traditional portuguese songs played by some employees of RICAP.

The liveliness continued on the train back to Oporto and did not stop on the buses that returned to RICAP in Felgueiras, where a fireworks ended the celebrations of that day.

The Administration of RICAP sees with pride the cohesive working group and thanks to all its employees, friends, customers, suppliers, business partners and all those who have contributes do its success over these 30 years of existence.


A big thank to everyone!


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